Hello and welcome! This website is dedicated to sharing information about software/hardware development with a focus on educational technologies. One of the main challenges in engineering technologies for learning is the separation of two camps: programmers and educational theorists. Those with excellent skills in computer science tend to write educational software that is modeled after how they were taught in school. Information to be learned is presented for memorization and later recall (aka the "drill and kill" method). People with an understanding of pedagogies and epistemologies that work best for learning often don't have the necessary skills to develop educational technologies. The mission of this website, therefore, is to bring these two camps together.

Hopefully the posts on this website will help you have an "aha!" moment when considering the development of educational technologies. As I develop educational apps in Swift (iOS) and Flask (Python), I will post challenges and how I resolved them. Also, I will post snippets from my research on educational technologies.

You can view my career profile on LinkedIn as well as my research profile on ResearchGate.

Pictured on the main page is an IBM 3090 mainframe from the Chilton Computing website. This was the first high-performance computer I encountered as a freshman at UConn. While it had 128MB of RAM, it was the fastest thing I could touch to crunch statistics, compile FORTRAN, and send TELL messages over BITNET.

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