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Prolytics Now Released!

Girasoli Enterprise, LLC's Prolytics™ web-based application is now available for purchase.

Do you want to predict how your students will perform on The College Board’s PSAT and SAT assessments? Do you want to be better informed about how your school is preparing students for the PSAT and SAT exams?

These kinds of questions are at the forefront of most schools today as they prepare students for college. A rising challenge is how to make sense of students’ performance data to better inform committees and instructional designers. Prolytics can help you make informed decisions with curricula, academic strategies, and school-wide goals by predicting student performance. Prolytics is the only software on the market that provides schools with an easy and straightforward method of predicting the College Board's PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, PSAT/NMSQT, and SAT suite of assessments.

Prolytics is a user-friendly tool that has been developed using reliable and valid research-based statistical methods. Analysis results are displayed in an easy to understand format, so that schools can examine the strengths and weaknesses of their curriculum. Schools can export course, section, teacher, EL (English Learner), or other factors from their student information system (SIS). These data and the College Board’s data is then uploaded and merged in Prolytics. By stepping through an analysis workflow, Prolytics can demonstrate how students are predicted to perform on the PSAT and SAT assessments depending on their courses, sections, teachers, or other factors.

The goal of Prolytics is to help schools be better prepared for the PSAT and SAT through statistical analysis in an affordable manner. Prolytics costs a fraction of hiring a consultant or a full-time person to perform the same statistical analyses for your school! Contact us now for a demonstration and pricing. Please use the contact form below to send us questions and schedule an online demonstration.

Download a pdf of the information sheet to read more about the software.