Saving a Subset of Data in SPSS

While you can select data to use in SPSS using the Data - Select Cases... utility, there may be times where you need to create a subset data file. This is useful when data needs to be pulled out of a spreadsheet and then later combined to place data into new columns. For example, you might receive a spreadsheet with duplicate participant IDs because various groups are in the same column. This poses a problem, because when you want to perform a regression or MANOVA, we may need those groups in separate, unique columns.

Filtering the Data

To select the subset of data:

  1. Choose Data - Select Cases... from the SPSS menu bar.
  2. Under Select, choose "If condition is satisfied"
  3. Click: If...
  4. Build your filter expression (e.g., variable = "something")
  5. Click: Continue
  6. Under Output, choose: Copy selected cases to a new data set
  7. Type the new Dataset name.

This will create a new dataset in another window that you should save.